Hi. Jim Rice here of Brush Arbor. Years ago I thought I was done doing concerts, but God has engineered circumstances for us so that Brush Arbor is back, in an unplugged acoustic fashion, doing our music and concerts again. The response has been simply amazing. We should have done this years ago. It’s just myself and Mike Wilson doing what we used to do, but without a full band. It’s simple, affective, and less expensive to those wanting to bring a concert to their church. We are mostly here in California this year in order to avoid airports, rental cars, and other travel requirements. Also, we are in the studio recording many new songs we have written with our same great producer in order to have the new recording done and out by June of 2015. We are refreshed and renewed after a five year break for the birth of grand kids, RV trips, business demands, and an improved golf game.

Next year we are performing at many of our regular places again such as Hume Lake Christian Camps, Mt Hermon Christian Conference Center, Insight For Living’s cruise to Alaska, and others that will keep us plenty busy and require more travel. Mike and I are excited since we are convinced this is God’s will and the great response has confirmed it.

Our message and music of the encouragement hasn’t changed. We’re just older and more excited and convinced than when younger. Whether it be family, business, ministry, music, or whatever, all is a joy when Matthew 6:33 is kept in mind. Check out our home page and listen to the “unplugged” sample. Even though we are both plenty busy (see my businesses at Showcase Kitchens and Bath and Forest Construction), and we are always excited to break away and share our music and message with others. And in a day when many Christians are a quart low on encouragement, let us at ‘em.

Here are a couple of recent responses:

Camarillo Church of the Nazarene Anniversary Event October 2014, Pastor Bob Hislar wrote this,

Thank you for all you did. It was a great day for our church and great encouragement and source of memories from the past! I believe God used you to speak His word to our congregation!

Ventura Missionary Church Men’s Event, October 2014, Pastor Gary Archer wrote this,

……with special thanks to you and Mike for your ministry last night. It was all we had hoped it would be, and more. Your music was a good as ever. Loved the new stuff; and was delighted to hear some of your “classics” again. Never tire of them. Also, the unique way you have of dropping little packages of Spiritual Dynamite in between your songs, just blasts away a lot of the resistance people often put up when they think someone is “preaching” to them. There were a number of men there who were not believers. I think you might have got them thinking that it might just be a pretty great thing to know and walk with Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Message from Jim

  1. Joey Scanapico 2 years ago

    We first saw you at Hume Lake many years ago, when my wife and I were going through a very difficult time with our church. Your music, and your preaching brought healing and hope we didn’t deserve, but were so grateful for. We live in Washington state now but have family in northern and Southern California so we would love to know your schedule of performances, just to hear your music again–and to say thanks. May God richly bless you for your faithfulness to the truth of God’s Word. Fans forever, Joey and Debbie Scanapico

  2. Terry Chernesky 2 years ago

    Good to hear you are doing your music again. Heard you fellows here in Canada way back in the late 80’s early 90’S.
    Like it very much and hope to revive some of those tunes and sing them in my church.