Some of you need to repent. Some of you need to take action. Some of you need to make things right with God. Some of you may not know Christ at all; you just stay away from the herd and hope no one will ever know, but God knows. Just like the Master Horseman knows which ones are Palominos, which ones are Mustangs, and which ones are Thoroughbreds, because He purchased each one of us. He finishes each of us at a different pace because we’re built differently and our minds work differently. Be patient and remember, “He’s going to bring you to completion” (Philippians 1:6). You can go with your heels dug in or you can follow. You can be driven with a dog biting at your heels or you can hear His voice and be led. God knows where you’re at right now, and through His Holy Spirit He’s speaking to you, telling you what you need to do. Follow Him and listen!

Jim Rice

Taken from Trials and the Round Pen, by Jim Rice.

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