Academy of Country Music award winners Brush Arbor are back on the scene with a fresh new unplugged sound!

After thousands of concerts as the Academy of Country Music Awards recipient Brush Arbor, Jim and Mike are now appearing in the more intimate settings, a little closer to home.

Lead singer/song writer, Jim Rice along with Mike Wilson guitarist/singer, are performing again in an unplugged fashion bringing only their acoustic instruments, great songs, harmonies, and stories that always kept audiences coming back for decades.

Acoustic music (guitars, banjo, dobro, harmonica), and the voices of Jim Rice and Mike Wilson, singing down home songs of inspiration and encouragement, intertwined with stories of laughter and upbeat messages, makes these former recording artists, a breath of fresh air and cold water to parched lips.

Their music and message of hope continues to encourage and entertain those in need of some wholesome and positive reinforcement for the soul. They have entertained hundreds of thousands and still encourage many through their recordings, books, You Tube posts and local personal appearances.

Jim and Mike are now appearing at churches, banquets, fund raisers, schools , family gatherings, as well as corporate and charity events.  If you get a chance, come listen in. You’ll be glad you did.

 Just Released

Fog In The Morning, our latest CD, is the culmination of a journey of faith. Some of the songs Mike and I wrote together, some I wrote myself as usual,  and there are 3 of the 14 songs that are from other song writers. A guy at church commented that there should be an app on our phones for Christians that you can go to ask what to do in any given situation like Apple’s “Siri”. I said, “We already have it. The Holy Spirit.” Isaiah 30:21 tells us that He will be behind us telling us whether to go to the left or right.  The song “Listen To Your Heart” was written to believers who are indwelt by that Spirit. We can count on Him to guide us in every step we take, and each song on this CD was written to encourage and inspire us to greater heights in our walk of faith knowing this to be true.

Now that we are older we see things more clearly, so that each song shares with confidence what we see and know as a result of many years walking hand in hand, being led by the King of the Universe. God is the Ultimate Engineer of our circumstances and the giver of the gift of music and words. May these recordings bless you richly and be a great encouragement as God completes His work in you.

Jim Rice

Word of the Day

Jim has been reading “My Utmost For His Highest” devotional for the last 30 years and it is still one of his favorites! He also reads Charles Spurgeon’s “Daily Meditations”. Please be encouraged by the Daily Devotional found below.

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